Networking for Business

What are the benefits?

Resource Sharing

Sharing resources over a local network eliminates the need for external devices or cloud services. 

Reduced Costs & Easy Software Installations

Software can be pushed on to target clients removing the need to be at each device physically. 

Volume licensing also reduce costs.

Improved Communication

Document collaboration & communication boosts efficiency.

Workplace Flexibility

In a server environment, users can move between devices and access their data at any station. 

Working remotely can also be done through a secure system.

Improved Security

Resource restrictions through controls can be done to ensure files can be viewed or edited by selected individuals. 


  • Network Asssessment

    Evaluations are done to determine where inefficiencies may be in existing networks, or what is required for a new setup.

  • Infrastructure and Design

    Plans are created for new or existing networks to create an efficient and seamless design.

  • Implementation and Management

    Custom plans are implemented, and ongoing management is available to those who require it.

  • On-Site and Cloud

    Cloud computing offers NAAS (Networking as a service) solutions as well as hybrid networks (on-premise and cloud) with central management. This is especially useful for supporting remote working.


Regardless of the project, we are here to help!

We provide technical expertise to ensure IT is integrated seamlessly into your business to help reach objectives efficiently.


  • Provide aid on existing technical projects.
  • Determine project scope and requirements for new projects.
  • Define software, hardware and network requirements.
  • Analysis of IT requirements with objective feedback on current status.
  • Assistance with change management.
  • Design, test, install and monitor new systems.

Managed IT Services

Whether you’re a newly formed business or already established, we can guide and manage your entire infrastructure!

  • Beneficial for businesses with limited or no in-house IT
  • Specialization for specific tasks to reduce costs
  • Allows internal teams to focus on tasks without interrupting job specific function
  • Remote monitoring / assistance for immediate troubleshooting of minor issues
  • Same day / Next day on-site support for major issues