Computers can be built to meet your performance requirements or budget!

As with most things over time, the performance of computers degrade & sometimes, hardware fails. Servicing your computers help extend the lifetime of your device and also helps improve performance!

Many computers have the capacity to be upgraded without the need to purchase a new device. Upgrading your system improves performance and helps keep costs down. Sometimes, it really is just as simple as adding a new part!

A slow PC doesn’t always mean a hardware issue. Over time, with numerous forgotten software installations, tons of startup programs and junk files, the device performance becomes impacted. Resolving these issues and others like it, you can restore your device to a much faster state!

Software that requires online payments, can be done through QWERTY. We also do installations and configuration of software that requires a bit of IT knowledge!


Starting a business? Already established and growing? Depending on your needs, we can provide network assessments, installations and upgrades. This can vary from installing a Wi-Fi router in a dead zone to setting up & configuring a server for your users!


As many businesses grow, or have already established themselves, having the resources to fund in-house IT staff can be difficult. While many people can troubleshoot the basics, sometimes, you will need assistance. Having proper IT support can keep your systems, network and cyber security running efficiently to help safeguard your business from further expenses down the line!


For businesses that require 100% support, let us do the heavy lifting!

Need a website? We offer website design, building, hosting and management! If you’re looking for the basics or E-commerce, we got you covered!