Why Custom?

Price / Performance Ratio

Pre-built PC's generally carry a higher markup.

Because of this, you'd pay a lower price for most components.

Customized to Your Needs

Each component can be chosen individually.

This means the system can be specific to meet the needs of a gamer, graphic designer or for a home office.


Easy Repair

At the end of the warranty period, any issues surrounding any components utilized can be repaired or replaced with ease.

Service | Software Maintenance | Repairs


Physically cleaning your computer is a process that is usually overlooked but extremely beneficial. 

By removing buildups of dust/dirt, this allows the system to breathe. This enables the system temperature to remain within normal ranges and prevents damage to components.

Our service involves:
– All components are disconnected and cleaned.
– Compressed air / cleaning solutions are used to ensure that dust is removed from every surface. 
– CPU / GPU is cleaned and receives new thermal paste.


Cleaning up the operating system along with other applications can greatly improve the overall speed of your system.

This process usually involves:
– Updating OS and Applications
– Cleaning up junk and log files that are no longer needed. This recovers storage space. 
– Malware / Virus scanning.


Repairing a computer requires running tests on each individual part to ensure that only what has failed, is replaced. 

Repairs can save a lot of money as in many cases, replacing one or two components is more cost effective than replacing the entire device. This is especially true for modern computers. 

Upgrades: Hardware & Software

Hardware Upgrades

Upgrading your computer can improve the speed and storage space at a fraction of the cost. 


Most upgrades generally revolve around:

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • RAM

NOTE: Upgrades on some parts may be limited to a particular generation or model due to compatibility issues. 


Software Upgrades

No credit card? No problem!

We facilitate software purchases along with support such as installation and troubleshooting. 

While updates and upgrades are different, upgrades also carry benefits, especially when versions are outdated and no longer supported.


Why upgrade?

  • Security Patches
  • New Features
  • Data Protection
  • Improved Performance
  • Compatibility